5 years to settle the result of the Clasico


Is the most important club of the three, Barcelona is almost the Liga and therefore the return leg of the Bernabeu will be the most important in terms of morale because Real Madrid considers it the most important tournament of the season alongside the champions, and Barcelona want to devote his control of the local Spanish ball.

Go go and the idea of Solari
The Go draw is a positive point for Solari. His team scored an away goal and could build their match around the goal. Barcelona have suffered a lot against the teams that close their regions in the face and play on the transformations and could be Real Madrid to take advantage of the negative defensive transformation of the Catalan team.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi is no doubt a decisive factor in such confrontations, and seems to have regained his fitness and vision in the last match against Sevilla and managed to carry the team. Messi has already scored 15 goals in the capital, so predicting what he can do in the game seems impossible, a point of strength for Barcelona.

Fitness Real Madrid
Real Madrid have suffered from a physical downfall in the last 15 minutes, especially in the midfield, and the pace of shifts from defense to defense has been reduced, a problem that could cost the team at the end of the game if it is not cohesive.

Left of Real Madrid – right of Barcelona
This front is the main place where part of the battle can be resolved. Vincius is the point of strength of Real Madrid in the big games and therefore is expected to face him between Roberto and Simedo. On the other hand, Valverde needs an attacking player who prevents Marcelo or Regilon from taking the rest in an aggressive climb rather than playing with Messi on the right of the pitch as he will go deeper.

Midfield and absence Arthur
In the move, Arthur was so tired of Real Madrid that Modric made a lot of mistakes that could have led to his dismissal, and the Brazilian controlled the rhythm in the second half. The absence of Arthur is currently a problem in central Barcelona, and Valverde can not enter in a slow center proved to be ineffective by Rachic and Vidal together or even Coutinho. Therefore, the most appropriate option is to play with Alenia or Barcelona to move to a plan 4-2-3-1 with fixed players are Rakitich and Boskets and then Messi drops to the middle with the work of the parties. Entry into a heavyweight would cost the team much more than Real Madrid.

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