Real Madrid hand nets Leganes and knocking the doors of a quarter cup final

Real Madrid beat Liganes

Real Madrid beat Liganes 3-0 on Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu in the King’s Cup final, boosting their chances of crossing into the quarter-finals.
Argentine coach Santiago Solari waited for the 44th minute to score the first goal by captain Sergio Ramos, who had a successful penalty kick before Lucas Vasquez doubled the score in the 68th minute, and Vinicos scored the third goal in the 77th minute.
The match was shared by Moroccan Nabil Al-Zahar as a key, before it was changed in the 63rd minute, while his compatriot Youssef Al-Nusairi Habis remained the substitute.
The two sides will meet in the second round on the 16th of this month on the green carpet of the De Putarque stadium, in order to finalize the identity of the finalist.

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