Sane, the assassin, is clubbing, returning to the English Premier League

Manchester City and Liverpool, in which Pep Guardiola’s 2-1 win over Al Ittihad was won.

« Fighting for this end, » the Daily Express said.

« The goal of winning my tongue reduces the difference, as the Peps are testing the strength of Club. »

« Solskjaer wants to stay with Manchester United. »

The newspaper « Metro », the return of the race for the title of the Premier League again, after the Liverpool stumble against Manchester City.

« Club is suspended after Leroy Sani scored the winning goal for Manchester City, » the paper said.

The Daily Mail, titled « The Champions of the Trainer Pep ».

« Leroy Sani is the murderer who is clubbing, and he is back in the English Premier League again. »

The newspaper « Daily Star », in its cover sports « Sani amazing ».

« The English Premier League is coming back to life again, after Sani scored the first defeat in the Reds. »

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