What Salah can lose by boycotting social Media

Through the following report we will review some of the losses that will be caused to Salah because of this behavior ..

Advertising and marketing losses

Salah has certainly been associated with more than one company and a sponsor of his sports personality, making him the top cover of many newspapers and areas, whether through advertising for some products or other sections. With the closing of the accounts of the Egyptian star, which was followed by more than 34 million people, Any company that was considering hiring the Egyptian star should be encouraged for that step, and any other company that favored the idea would back down.

Even if Salah studied this matter with his agent, and his contracts are not affected by the unknown period in which these accounts will continue in this way, but if they are studied, it remains incomprehensible and unique, especially since it has become a public figure not only at the local level but also at the level World, he is no longer this player who plays in the contractors or even in Basel! This move will undoubtedly affect Salah in the future as it transforms into a successful brand that encourages investment.

Goodbye to the messages addressed

In this way, the Premier League scorer will not be able to direct the messages he has been accustomed to directing over the past years, whether vague or direct. From time to time, Salah’s followers have used tweets to explain his opinion on a particular issue or position. In fact, the Egyptian Federation was forced to bow to some of its conditions and demands after the great attack by the people of Salah against them because of the complaint of the most important targets. Egyptian team Throughout its history.

Communication with lovers is not

The basic idea of ​​creating these sites is to communicate between people and each other, and in the case of Salah is a link between the public figure influential and a wide range of followers and supporters, and in the case of closing accounts will deprive the city of Basion of this communication, he was received daily thousands of words of praise and praise But Salah from now on, he gave up that meat and support, and became in isolation from the masses, so we will emphasize the extent of this strange position, especially from the personality of the importance of Salah, Where many did not Share of influential stars to do that deed even in the worst moments of their careers professional.

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